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We have three Coronavirus tests available:

Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Tests

Our reliable antigen rapid tests can determine if you have Coronavirus within 15-20 minutes and has a 97% accuracy rate. We will provide you with a certificate at the time of your appointment. 

Covid-19 Antibody Rapid Tests

Our antibody test detects IgG antibodies and will show if you’ve previously had Coronavirus. Your blood sample will be analysed in our lab and results will be available on the day of your test (within 20 minutes). The antibody test has an accuracy rate of 99.63%.

Covid-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Swab Test

The PCR test can identify if you’re currently infected with Coronavirus. Your test kit will be sent to your home with full instructions, and results will be available within 24-hours. PCR testing is the Gold Standard for sensitivity and specificity.

All tests have been approved by Public Health England.

Coronavirus testing for business

As employees return to the workplace, it’s important to ensure they are protected, providing a Covid-safe environment. Our tests are suitable for employers looking for fast and accurate results to check if their employees are infected with Covid-19 or have previously had the virus. 

Our Coronavirus tests will:

  • Protect your staff, giving them the confidence to return to work safely
  • Screen employees who can’t work from home
  • Establish which employees need to self-isolate 
  • Determine which employees have already had the virus
  • Provide fast and accurate results so you can take immediate action

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i order a Covid-19 test?

If you want to order an antibody test or PCR test, please head over to our booking system. If you currently have symptoms, please call one of our trained GP or medical nurses to answer your concerns. You can contact us: 01491 756025

How accurate are the antibody tests?

The antibody tests are extremely accurate if undertaken within 14 days after the onset of symptoms. The antibody test has been approved by Public Health England and has a sensitivity of 100% and a specificity of 99.63%.

I haven’t had any symptoms but have been around people who have, can I take the antibody test?

Please ensure that you follow government guidance around self-isolation.

If you think you’ve been exposed to someone with Coronavirus, it can take up to 14 days before you display any symptoms. This is known as the incubation period. It can then take a further 14 days to develop antibodies. We recommend waiting a month from this initial contact to ensure you’ve generated enough antibodies to be detected in the antibody test. Until then, please follow the stay at home advice mentioned above.

What is the difference between an Antibody and PCR TEST?

Antibody Testing

The IgG test detects antibodies in the blood, indicating whether there has been a previous infection or exposure to the virus. 

Antibody testing can provide useful information about a person’s assumed immunity to this virus, i.e., it can tell you if you have had the virus recently.

Please note that some people do not develop antibodies, even if they’ve been infected with Covid-19.

The PCR (Swab) Test

If you think you might have Coronavirus, you should take a PCR test. This test detects the current presence of Coronavirus using swabs taken from the throat and nose. It plays a critical role in controlling the spread of the virus by detecting active infections. If a person currently has Coronavirus, they could transmit the virus to others and should self-isolate immediately.

I felt ill a couple of months ago and wonder if this might have been covid-19, could I take the antibody test?

The Covid-19 antibody test will detect IgG antibodies – a positive result means you’ve previously been exposed to the virus. The antibody test is extremely sensitive and most accurate when taken 14 days after any symptoms.

Studies have reported that some people have had Covid-19 but do not have a detectable antibody response. It may be that a different part of the immune system has cleared the virus.

How long does it take to get my results?

Quidel Antibody & Antigen:

  • In-Clinic: If you complete an antigen or antibody test at our Henley Clinic, you will get your test result during your appointment (within 15-20 minutes). 


PCR Swab Test:

  • By post: typically, you should receive your results and certification within 24-hours from when we receive your test.

What to Expect From Your Visit

  • Book an in-clinic appointment or phone consultation with one of our professional GP’s 
  • If you visit our clinic, all patients must wear a face mask on arrival. Please ensure you keep your mask on at all times unless advised otherwise by a member of staff.
  • Your antigen or antibody test will take approximately 15-20 minutes and you will receive your results at the time of your appointment. 
  • If you require a follow-up consultation, please let a member of our team know when booking.

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