We provide a waxing service for women and men covering all parts of the body.

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    About Waxing

    Healthium is pleased to be working with Ashmira Botanica’ solutions to deliver impressive results.

    The product line is skin friendly and vegan!

    Treatment Process – Waxing

    • Initial Consultation

    For waxing we don’t need an in-depth initial consultation, in fact you can just walk in. All we need from you is to complete a medical form and then your therapist will assess the area before commencing the treatment. 

    • Treatment Plan

    You should come back for waxing every 3-4 weeks depending on your hair growth. 

    Waxing Treatments

    We offer waxing for both MEN and WOMEN and all parts of the body including:


    • Face
    • Bikini Line
    • Hi Bikini
    • Hollywood
    • Upper Leg
    • Lower Leg
    • Full Leg
    • Upper Arm
    • Lower Arm
    • Full Arm


    • Front Torso
    • Back Torso
    • Clipper Trim

    Pre-treatment advice – Waxing

    Avoid shaving/plucking prior to treatment and in between your threading treatment. 

    Treatment Aftercare – Waxing

    Please avoid wearing makeup in the area 12 hours after treatment. 

    No sauna, steam or swimming 12 hours after treatment. 

    Please don’t apply any active ingredients in the area (retinol, glycolic, salicylic acid, vitamin c etc.) 

    If the area feels sensitive, apply aloe vera gel. 

    It is normal to have redness/itching/swelling after this treatment however after a couple of hours this should settle down. 

    There are no known side-affects or allergic reactions to this treatment but if you experience anything out of ordinary after having the treatment, speak to your clinician or medical practitioner immediately. 

    To sustain the benefits of the treatment, you can:

    • Book another session

    Waxing – FAQ

    How many sessions will I need?

    1 session 

    How quickly will I see results?


    What will I feel during and after the treatment?

    Minor levels of pain.

    Do I have any anaesthetic?


    Sensitivity Period

    A couple of hours.

    What is my recovery time and when ?


    How long does the procedure take?

    Depending on the area and hair growth but anywhere from 5-30 minutes

    When can I go out and resume my normal daily activities?

    Straight after treatment.

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