Lymphatic drainage with BOA MAX 2

The BOA 2 Max medical device is a lymphatic drainage device that utilises state-of-the-art technology to offer a gentle pneumatic technique, used to stimulate the lymphatic system. A series of rhythmical strokes using a very light or high pressure is applied over the body to stimulate the lymphatic system and aid in the flow of lymph through the system. 

woman smiling getting microneedling

Boa Max 2 works for:-


– After sport

– Those that work long hours on their feet or work in labour job roles

– Those with circulation problems or poor venous systems such as having varicose veins

– The lymphatic system

– Post surgery


– Chronic oedema

– Oedemas of upper limbs, chest and back after mastectomy

– Rehabilitation after injuries and contusions

– Treatment of lymphatic failure – Lymphoedema

– Treatment of venous insufficiency

– Prophylaxis of Phlebothrombosis

– Various etiology oedemas of lower limbs

– Slimming massage and treatments of cellulitis

– PDT prevention and elimination

    See if the treatment is right for you:-

    Tired legs?

    Boa Max 2 can help you with sore, tired and swollen legs.

    You are on a diet?

    Boa supports weight loss with faster fat cell removal. It also helps with toxin removal and decreases the visibility of cellulite.

    Loose skin?

    Tightens stretched & loose skin as a result of fat loss and post-pregnancy.


      Lymphatic drainage using the BOA MAX 2 device is intensive nourishment and detoxification.

      Lymphatic drainage according to Vodder’s technique enables the transport of nutrients and white blood cells throughout the body. During the massage, the lymphatic system is drained. As a result, this drainage detoxifies and helps to contour the body

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