VARICOSE VEINS (with The Whiteley Clinic)

(We are planning to launch a Varicose Vein service in early 2023!)

Healthium is proud to offer varicose vein procedures in conjunction with the ground-breaking Whiteley Clinic. We offer the latest treatments to removal varicose veins and other vascular conditions.

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    Healthium – working with the Whiteley Clinic

    We are working with the Whiteley Clinic because they provide ever the latest investigations and treatments for abnormal veins of the legs and/or pelvis.

    We use a combination of examination, investigation and diagnosis leading to a bespoke treatment plan for every patient.

    You will have an initial assessment with one of our specialist Vascular Scientists and given a full breakdown of your bespoke treatment plan recommended for you, which may include a number of options and procedures.
    All our procedures are performed under local anaesthetic as ‘walk in, walk out’ surgery. This means that, unless there are any exceptional circumstances, patients should be back to work and back to relatively normal activities the day following their treatment.
    Our goal isn’t just treatment of varicose veins, its treatment with the lowest possible chance of recurrence and the highest patient satisfaction – even in the long term.

    Leg Varicose Veins

    Varicose veins are most often seen in the legs.

    Varicose veins are easily recognized in many people as “bulging leg veins” on standing or sitting. Unlike other lumps on the legs, when lying down, varicose veins will empty and disappear. This is because the veins are filling from underlying veins that have lost their valves, and blood falls down the veins by gravity. This blood falling the wrong way is called “venous reflux”. This venous reflux fills the surface veins or “tributaries”. When this has been going on for a long time, the walls of the surface veins can stretch, causing the visible varicose veins.

    In many cases, the blood refluxing down the leg veins on standing or sitting also causes a “colour change” at the ankle. The skin can appear more red or blue. When lying down and lifting the leg, the blood drains out and the colour goes back to normal. This simple test can be used at home to see if you might have varicose veins or “hidden varicose veins” deeper inside the leg.

    woman smiling getting microneedling

    Treatment Process 

    • Initial Consultation

    Before any treatment, we will spend 30minutes carrying out a condition assessment, using an Ultrasound scanner.

    • Treatment Plan

    Following the consultation, we will prepare a Treatment Plan which will set out how many sessions you might need and the intervals between the sessions. Each session will normally be around 1-2 hours.


    We treat the following areas:

        • Varicose veins
        • Thread veins of the legs
        • Phlebitis (superficial thrombophlebitis)
        • Venous eczema
        • Swollen ankles (due to venous causes)
        • Venous leg ulcers
        • Brown stains around the ankles (haemosiderin)
        • Vulval and vaginal varicose veins
        • Pelvic venous congestion
        • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
        • Venous abnormalities of the leg (such as Klippel-Trelawney syndrome and others)

        Pre-treatment advice – Varicose Veins

        Do not drink any alcohol during the 24 hours before your treatment. We also advise that you avoid using aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for a few days before your treatment (unless they are taken for a chronic medical condition). Avoiding these medications will reduce your risk of bruising at the point of injection. Please do not wear make-up on the day of the treatment.

        Treatment Aftercare – Veins

        Aftercare is very important, so make sure you’re doing everything right by discussing it with your clinician:

        • Don’t touch, massage or rub the affected area in any way for at least 48 hours after treatment
        • Don’t undergo other treatments for at least 24 hours after the procedure.

        If you require pain medication after treatment, you can take paracetamol, but avoid anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen and aspirin, as these thin the blood, which can make bruising worse.

        It is rare to get any serious side effects following treatment, however possible side-effects include the following:

        • bruising/swelling/redness at injection site
        • infection
        • nausea, headache or flu-like symptoms
        • occasional numbness
        • drooping of the eyebrow or upper eyelid or swelling and redness in eyelids

        There can be allergic reactions including:

        • rash and itchiness
        • visual disturbances
        • visual loss
        • photosensitivity
        • facial swelling
        • dry mouth
        • dizziness
        • anxiety
        • ‘pins and needles’ sensation
        • dry skin
        • antibody formation (substantial deterioration in response)

        If you experience any of the above after having the treatment, speak to your Clinician or medical practitioner immediately.

        Varicose Veins – FAQ

        How many sessions will I need?

        One or more sessions depending on the number of and size of the treatment areas.

        How quickly will I see results?

        Within a few days.

        What will I feel during and after the treatment?

        The treatment is significant and you will feel minor pain and discomfort.

        Do I have any anaesthetic?

        Yes, we apply numbing cream and wait 30mins for it to take affect.

        Sensitivity Period

        There is minor discomfort as we use a tiny needle.

        What is my recovery time?

        The process leaves lot of little carbon crusts on the skin, which fall off in the days after the treatment. There may be swelling in sensitive areas, for example around the eyes.

        How long does the procedure take?

        A treatment session will take 30-45mins.

        When can I go out and resume my normal daily activities?

        We recommend you take some downtime after the treatment and stay indoors for a few days.

        How long will the results last?

        Long term benefits will be seen – at least 3 years.

        Is the Treatment for Men and Women?


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