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Discover our unique approach to healthcare, combining traditional medical practices with alternative therapies to promote overall wellness. Our team of experienced healthcare professionals is committed to providing a holistic treatment experience, addressing not just symptoms but the root causes of health issues.

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    Core Principles of Our Integrative Medicine

    Whole-Person Focus:

    We consider all aspects of our patients’ lives, recognising the importance of a comprehensive view of health.

    Identifying Root Causes:

    Our team is dedicated to uncovering the underlying factors of illnesses, considering both external and internal influences.

    Lifestyle as a Path to Wellness:

    Recognising that lifestyle deeply influences health, we emphasise diet, exercise, and stress management in our treatment plans.

    Empathetic Doctor-Patient Relationship:

    Building a trustful and respectful relationship is central to our philosophy, ensuring our patients are fully engaged in their health journey.

    Natural Healing Support:

    We believe in the body’s inherent ability to heal, and our treatments aim to bolster this natural process.

    Integrating Mind and Body:

    We encourage patients to view illness as an opportunity for growth, leveraging the powerful connection between the mind and body for healing.

    Comprehensive Treatment Approach:

    Our clinic combines traditional medical treatments with complementary therapies, ensuring holistic care.

    Team-Based Care:

    We value the expertise of different health professionals, fostering a collaborative environment for optimal patient care.

    Why choose Healthium Clinics for intergrated medicine in Henley-On-Thames


    At Healthium Clinics, our Integrated Medicine services combine the latest technology with holistic treatment approaches for comprehensive health assessments and personalised care plans. Our skilled team, including doctors, alternative medicine practitioners, and nutritionists, is committed to enhancing your overall well-being. We understand the demands of modern life, so we provide flexible online and in-person booking options at our Henley-on-Thames clinic. This ensures that you have convenient access to our wide range of health services, all designed to support and enrich your journey towards optimal health and wellness.

    We also offer online Doctor services by request.

    Support for All Ages

    We support all ages group at Healthium from Youth to Seniors.

    Personalised Care

    You will receive personal care from your GP. With adequate time.

    Video Call Doctor

    Healthium offers online doctor services, please select this and one of the team will contact you.

    Your Health our Priority

    When you visit our clinic in Henley-On-Thames, we prortise your health to deliver a bespoke service for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need a referral for Integrated Medicine services?

    No referral is necessary. You can directly access our comprehensive, integrated medicine services.

    What types of conditions do Integrated Medicine services address?

    Our services address a wide range of health concerns, including chronic illnesses, stress-related disorders, hormonal imbalances, and overall wellness enhancement.

    Is my information confidential in Integrated Medicine consultations?

    Absolutely. All consultations strictly adhere to confidentiality and data protection laws, ensuring your personal and health information is kept private.

    What should I expect in an Integrated Medicine consultation?

    Consultations are holistic, focusing on your overall health and well-being. They may include health assessments, lifestyle evaluations, and personalised wellness plans.

    How can Integrated Medicine benefit me?

    Our approach provides personalised care encompassing traditional and alternative therapies, aiming to improve your overall health and address specific health concerns.

    How long are the Integrated Medicine sessions?

    Each session is tailored to provide enough time for a comprehensive assessment and discussion, ensuring a holistic and effective approach to your health and wellness goals.

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