Excellence in Performance Medicine at Healthium Clinics

Discover the cutting-edge services offered at Healthium Clinics, tailored to enhance physical performance and athletic endurance. Our dedicated team of specialists provides comprehensive care to athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

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    Healthium Performance Medicine Service

    Personalised Performance Plans;-

    Tailored programs to boost your athletic performance.

    Injury Prevention and Recovery:-

    Advanced techniques for injury prevention and speedy recovery.

    Nutritional Guidance:

    Expert advice on sports nutrition for optimal performance.

    Fitness Assessments:

    Detailed assessments to gauge and improve your fitness levels.

    Why choose Healthium Clinics for performance medicine in Henley-On-Thames


    At Healthium Clinics, our Performance Medicine services integrate state-of-the-art technology for accurate performance assessments and personalised treatment plans, delivered by a team of expert sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists, and nutritionists dedicated to optimising your athletic success. To accommodate your busy lifestyle, we offer convenient online and in-person booking options at our Henley-on-Thames clinic, ensuring easy access to our comprehensive care and support tailored to your performance goals.

    We also offer online Doctor services by request.

    Support for All Ages

    We support all ages group at Healthium from Youth to Seniors.

    Personalised Care

    You will receive personal care from your GP. With adequate time.

    Video Call Doctor

    Healthium offers online doctor services, please select this and one of the team will contact you.

    Your Health our Priority

    When you visit our clinic in Henley-On-Thames, we prortise your health to deliver a bespoke service for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need referral for Perforamance Medicine Services

    No referral is required. You can directly access our specialised performance medicine services.

    What types of conditions do Performance Medicine services address?

    Our services cater to a range of needs, including sports injuries, performance optimisation, nutritional advice, and rehabilitation.

    Is my information confidential in Performance Medicine consultations?

    Yes, all consultations adhere to strict confidentiality and data protection laws, ensuring your personal and health information remains private.

    What should I expect in a Performance Medicine consultation?

    Consultations are comprehensive, addressing your specific athletic needs and goals. They may include fitness assessments, injury evaluations, and personalised training advice.

    How can Performance Medicine help me as an athlete or fitness enthusiast?

    Our team provides tailored advice and treatment plans to enhance your performance, prevent injuries, and optimise your overall physical health.

    How long are the Performance Medicine sessions?

    Each session is structured to provide ample time for thorough assessment and discussion, ensuring a personalised and effective approach to your health and performance goals.

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