Hello, beautiful people! Today, we’re bringing you something special, a product that we absolutely adore, and we’re confident that you will too. Say hello to Lacto-10, a game-changer in the world of skincare, brought to you by the esteemed brand Noon Aesthetics.

Lacto-10 is not your ordinary face cream. It’s a charming powerhouse of rejuvenation and hydration, perfectly designed to cater to all skin types. Yes, you read that right – whether your skin is oily, dry, combination, or sensitive, Lacto-10 has got you covered. And it doesn’t stop there, this cream is even suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, truly an all-rounder!1.

With its unique formula that incorporates DermShield™, Lacto-10 stands out in the bustling skincare market. This delightful cream harnesses the power of Lactic Acid at a concentration of 10%, making it a potent player in accelerating skin rejuvenation. Yet, thanks to the protective DermShield™, it does this without causing irritation or a sense of dryness that is often associated with high concentration skincare products. The pH of 3.5 further ensures its gentle action on your skin1.

What makes this cream even more special is its versatility. Lacto-10 doesn’t just work its magic solo. This cream is a team player that harmonises nicely with other cosmetic preparations or medical ointments. It’s oil-free, easily absorbed, and can even be used near the eyes. All you need to do is apply a thin layer on your face and neck up to twice a day, and voila – healthier and happier skin awaits you1!

We have yet to get to the best part! Lacto-10 is a rejuvenating and hydrating cream and a product that tackles a range of skin conditions. Whether you’re dealing with congestion, breakout, aging, skin dehydration, discolouration, redness, irritation, seborrhea, or have sensitive skin, Lacto-10 is here to aid you in your skincare journey1.

In the daytime, it is recommended to also apply NOON Brush&Go TM sunscreen powder with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) after applying Lacto-10. This way, you’re not only rejuvenating your skin but also protecting it from the harmful UV rays.

In conclusion, Lacto-10 is a skincare must-have that we simply cannot keep to ourselves. It’s an epitome of charm and science binding together to give you that glow you’ve always yearned for. So why wait? Give your skin the love it deserves with Lacto-10!

Remember, the journey to radiant skin is just one cream away. Here’s to healthy, beautiful skin!